Wednesday, September 21, 2016

SBW and AI

SBW sonny bill williams
1: SBW is an olympian and he plays  for the rugby sevens men div.

Why did sonny bill williams  play for rugby seven’s does it have something to do with the with him in the all blacks?

2: Sonny bill williams was born in nz at auckland and his birth date was 3 of august 1985 and the age is 31.
How long have sonny bill williams been in the olympics?
3: His height 194 cm which is 6 ft tall and he   weigh about 108 KG's
How long has sonny bill williams  been training for the olympics ?
4: SBW has played for NRL, union and the teams he’s played for is Roosters, ALL Blacks, Bulldogs and a french team called the Toulon.
Why has SBW played for so many teams in rugby
5: Sonny bill williams is a heavyweight boxer and he is an international heavyweight champion

AI Akira Ioane
1: Akira Ioane was born in japan and the date of birth 16 june 1995 and his age is 21.
1: Has he played any other sports ?
2: His height is 1.94 m and that is 6FT and his weight is 113Kg.
2: Would he play in any other sports in the olympics ?
3: Akira Ioane is an olympian and the sport he plays for rugby seven’s.
3: Would he be in any of the other olympics that are further in the future ?   
4: Akira Ioane joined the NZ seven and made his 1st debut in wellington in 2014.
4: What has Akira had as his biggest injuries ?
5: He played in NRL, Super rugby and olympic rugby sevens and he played for the blues and the new zealand rugby sevens
5: What did he do or play in his childhood ?

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