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WALT write open ended questions and full answers

Callan and I have chosen to make the next new Zealand uniform for our project based learning. First, we had to research the history of Olympic uniforms and come up with some questions around what we wanted to know.
What is the history of nz olympic uniform?
LONDON, 1908: This is not the New Zealand team. This is the  Australasia team because new zealand was combined with Australia. The team name was Australasia and that's why it says Australasia on the sign that the man is holding.          1467165666382.jpg

2. How did people feel about the 2016 olympic uniform ?
Some people criticized the uniform and said it is a bit rubbish. Huffer designer Steve Dunstan said the outfits were disappointing and said that it does not represent New Zealand.
3. What are the most important features that need to be on the uniform on the 2016 uniform?
The Olympics rings, Silver fern, Rio olympics , BLK symbol  and black white. The Olympic rings are on it because that is what the athletes are going to. The Silver fern is there because it represents New Zealand. The Rio Olympics is there  because that is where we are playing. The Black and white colours are on there because that is our Nation's colours.
The new New Zealand Olympic uniform  has been revealed.
IMG_0986.JPGThis is our t-shirt.
IMG_0984.JPGAfter we did the research we started to make the project and here are the instructions down below.  

What you need
hand sewing

How did we make our uniforms?
1 First we made a pattern out of paper.
2 Second we outlined the fabric and then cut it out.
3 after we do the front you do it but make a different pattern for the back
4 After we have cut it out we will have the front and the back so we sewed them together and then that made the t-shirt.
5 Once you have the t-shirt then you make some designs to sew it on the t-shirt.
How will we make it

1. How will we make the t-shirt? Hand sewing and the materials needle, thread, fabric and pens .
2.what will we put on the t-shirt?  On the front there are the olympic rings to show that we are part of the new zealand teams. Silver fern and nz to represent our country.
On the back there is a number that’s 14 and callan on it we just putting
Using our muscles
Callan muscles: persevering,celebration , focusing, noticing, absorption and revising.
I used my persevering muscles because at the start I didn't know how it was going to work so I persevered and just did it.
I was  noticing if there was any distraction around me and if there was I would just move away from them.
Sometimes there are people around me that are talking so me and my buddy move away from them.
Me and my buddy collaborated really well together because we keep on talking to get information.

Kevin's muscles : persevering, absorption, focusing,  revising , collaboration

(  I used my perseverance muscle when we first started to make our t-shirt we did not know what to do but when mrs lowe gave us some tips did we still not understand so we preserved and then we figured it out)
Absorption and focusing
(when we finally knew what we were doing i was so focused and absorbed in the learning we made the tank top and then we needed to put on the design)
Me and Callan had a plan of what our t-shirt will look like but then we thought and looked back out it and then we said it was to much so we changed it.
( Reflection )
I really enjoyed working with Callan with the t-shirt because I never made a t-shirt before.

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