Friday, July 08, 2016

PLB Of a trap

Explanation #1

How a car works

Key words
Steering wheel
seat belts
Explanation of the writing

Firstly : a vehicle  is machine of transportation. Transportation is when you get taken to your destination. Transportation in a vehicle is not just for transporting people it's also for car animals and more.

Secondly : a car has a steering wheel the steering wheel is for directing the way you want to go like left, right, back and forward and forward is the main way you need to go. Steering wheel is very important to have on a car because if you didn’t have a steering wheel you will crash if your just go 1 way.

Thirdly : pedals are really important because you need them to make the wheels move like go forward or go backwards or to stop the wheels which is the brakes. Pedals is a main part of a car because if you didn’t have any how would you move and how would you get to places without wheels and pedals.

Fourthly : engine is a major part for the car because it burns down the petrol and diesel oil and spreads it to the parts of the car that need it.

Conclusion :  It is clear that the car is for transport and faster way to get to places.

Kevin's report reflection for mid year

Report Reflection for Mid Year

How have the learning muscles helped you with your learning in Maths and/or Literacy and in one other learning area for example Matariki, P.E, Art or Camp?

  • No bling
  • Options = Maths & Literacy plus one other listed
  • Maths or Literacy plus one other listed (e.g. maths and your choice; literacy and your choice)

Maths & P.E

My thinking, Noticing  and focusing muscles have helped me design a building for my maths, I used my planning muscles for what to do next and I used my focusing muscles to manage my distraction and and to work out the answer.
I've used my noticing muscles to notice the details for where I was right and what was wrong.

I was stuck on how to play volleyball and used my preserving muscle and my noticing muscles to learn the rule, how to play, and how to serve the ball . It was really hard to play but  5 minutes later I started to get a hang of it and then it was fun.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Ext maths

In the maths learning I learning to turn fractions, percentages and decimals into fractions, percentages and decimals. we had to make a model after transferring from a fraction percentage and a decimal the third option was hard .