Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thank you Kent

Dear Kent
Here is one of my highlights and then after  a mini puzzle poem for you.

What were the highlights for you?
The bush walk was amazing because I like the nature and  river crossing with my friends and the sound of the river was amazing.
The water was glistening , nice temperature It was like having a bath in the wild. There I heard something like a hunter or predator looking to eat I was looking around but it was just the group behind us stepping on sticks and that.

This should be easy but if you don’t know it’s a person's name. Thank you for helping with the cooking, bush walk and every thing you have done
Thanks for being a helpful parent
Having a blast with you
Allowing time off work to come to camp with us
Not a the best but know you still there
Knowing you great at cooking  

Kind to others
Enthusiastic with activities
Never left out
Thanks for what you have done for us

Thank you for coming and have a happy time where ever you and thank you for being the adult for the whitu group and supporting us in the activities.   
by Kevin Karena year 6 Leader whitu