Friday, February 19, 2016

5 Things about me

5 Things about me.

1. In my family I have 1 big brother 2 little brothers and mum and dad.
Description: Me and my family spend a lot of time together at parks and like to travel well some of us we do house work together.

2. I like rugby as a sport.
Description: Rugby is a great sport I like to play because the fitness  you get out of it is great for your body it exciting who wins fresh way to entertain yourself if you're stuck out home. 

3. Favorite fruit is an apple.
Description: I still like other fruit but the best fruit is an apple they are delicious and its tasty to eat juicy as well.

4. Favorite game to play is Destiny.
Description: Destiny is a fun futuristic game with boost futuristic guns and armor against the fallen and online people.

5. My hobbies is running on grass  and relaxing. 
Description: For running I just like getting dirty and having fun and when I'm relaxing I just sit down and play on the laptop or the PlayStation.

I hope you learned about me.