Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kayaking at Kaitawa

“Yes today is kayaking time” this is the best camp  that I’ve been too. “This is the private lake that we paddle the kayaks in. It looks awesome”. Kane, Connor and me were on a team trying to capsize some of room 20 and wet miss Hill, it was exciting.

 I had fun swimming in kayaks.But Annabel, Ryleigh and Ashleigh were brave enough to swim and jump out of the kayaks by capsizing. I wonder if logan, Luke, Jared, Connor and the girls will stay in the lake with Kane and me.

“Finally time to get out” said I I’m starting to freeze out here”, Annabel, Ashleigh and Ryleigh were cold. Connor, Jared and me were sort of fine but, Kane was really fine. After we walked back to camp the parents had a hot milo  waiting for us. After we had a hot milo we played friendly games with each other .

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