Monday, March 16, 2015

My experience of splash planet

“During the holidays my family and I went to splash planet for the 5th time, thanks Mum & Dad”. Soon as we got there with my family there was a long line of people waiting to get in but the line was going really quick. But the line was filled with people  holding small bags and they had to do bag checks that’s probably causing the people to go slow.

“Finally were in splash planet I was tired of standing up. “mum can we sit next to the pirate pool please mum” “OK” “Yay”. My family and I went next to the lazy river and the pirate ship but  it was a little bit boring because the bucket was not working at the pirate ship.So as I got to minigolf people were stalking me Just because I told them to hurry up cause they where taking so long, that happens pretty much all the time.

“wow 1st shot on the windmill yes that was so awesome” After being staked by the people that was like a tiger that I told off because they were being silly on one pitch.  after minigolf I went in the pools because they were trying to find me.
“ Whoa that was close” because I hid Underwater and nearly drowned but I knew they went away because I had goggles.Then suddenly the there was  water being squirted at people and me and it was from the pirate ship. Then I went back to where my family was and covered myself up with my towel. I laid down and looked at the tree house with the slide.This was a happy and fantastic day at splash planet.

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