Saturday, September 12, 2015

Animal report

The Brown Kiwi  is the most  endangered species in New Zealand. It’s scientific name is  (Apteryx) and there are 5 other kiwi species.The Brown Kiwi are the most common species on New Zealand because they live in 4 places on the North Island.


Kiwi’s have long beck’s that vibrate  when they hear danger. Kiwi’s are having trouble getting away from predators because they have flightless wings. Kiwi’s have strong legs that they use to scratch and run away from predators.They  have camouflage feathers that  help them hide by bushes.


Kiwi’s  live in New Zealand in bush by forest and rain forest. The.The brown kiwi’s live in the north island whangarei, moehau and Tongariro. The brown Kiwi’s habitat is the bush that are by trees.

The Brown Kiwi use to fly after a few years then Kiwi’s started to walk with there 2 legs. When Kiwi’s here’s danger they try to run really fast to escape the predator. They have brown fur-ish and feathers  on the whole body. Kiwi’s use there beaks to get grubs,worms and  seeds
out of the ground.

Kiwi’s enemies are stoats, cats, dogs, possums and rats. predators have mostly killed baby kiwi when they were about 6 months old. Wild pigs would most likely eat baby Kiwi’s.       


Kiwi’s diet is eating seeds, grubs, worms, bracket fungi and frogs. They most likely to eat worms or seeds. Kiwi’s can get their juicy water from the wiggly earthworms.

Brown Kiwis are 1 of the most endangered species in New Zealand because of predators . Kiwi’s use to have wings when they came here but there wings were turned into tiny wings because there was no danger when they involved here .

Kayaking at Kaitawa

“Yes today is kayaking time” this is the best camp  that I’ve been too. “This is the private lake that we paddle the kayaks in. It looks awesome”. Kane, Connor and me were on a team trying to capsize some of room 20 and wet miss Hill, it was exciting.

 I had fun swimming in kayaks.But Annabel, Ryleigh and Ashleigh were brave enough to swim and jump out of the kayaks by capsizing. I wonder if logan, Luke, Jared, Connor and the girls will stay in the lake with Kane and me.

“Finally time to get out” said I I’m starting to freeze out here”, Annabel, Ashleigh and Ryleigh were cold. Connor, Jared and me were sort of fine but, Kane was really fine. After we walked back to camp the parents had a hot milo  waiting for us. After we had a hot milo we played friendly games with each other .

Friday, August 21, 2015

Assembly item 2015 problem

Please watch this video because it explain's about the problem we are having  with paki's paddock!!!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Thankyou Camp Parents

Parkvale School
Howard St
28 th April 2015

Dear Kelly

                          Thank you for supporting Room 20 at camp Kaitawa, taking delicious apples and sharing our experiences .

I really appreciated how you shared your delicious cooking with the master chef  Purple Eelz and doing dishes even  though you weren't told to do it.
Thank you as you took great pictures of room 20 and me. I like how you helped Room 20 on the night walk, steep walks and muddy caving.
I like that you took your time to join us for camp and made delicious breakfast, lunch, tea and dessert for the whole week.
Thank you for joining Room 20 for the animal game and other’s activity.

Thank you again for coming to camp and joining room 20.I hope you had a good sleep and good anzac day.

Your sincerely


Monday, March 16, 2015

My experience of splash planet

“During the holidays my family and I went to splash planet for the 5th time, thanks Mum & Dad”. Soon as we got there with my family there was a long line of people waiting to get in but the line was going really quick. But the line was filled with people  holding small bags and they had to do bag checks that’s probably causing the people to go slow.

“Finally were in splash planet I was tired of standing up. “mum can we sit next to the pirate pool please mum” “OK” “Yay”. My family and I went next to the lazy river and the pirate ship but  it was a little bit boring because the bucket was not working at the pirate ship.So as I got to minigolf people were stalking me Just because I told them to hurry up cause they where taking so long, that happens pretty much all the time.

“wow 1st shot on the windmill yes that was so awesome” After being staked by the people that was like a tiger that I told off because they were being silly on one pitch.  after minigolf I went in the pools because they were trying to find me.
“ Whoa that was close” because I hid Underwater and nearly drowned but I knew they went away because I had goggles.Then suddenly the there was  water being squirted at people and me and it was from the pirate ship. Then I went back to where my family was and covered myself up with my towel. I laid down and looked at the tree house with the slide.This was a happy and fantastic day at splash planet.

Monday, February 09, 2015