Friday, June 13, 2014

The last story of the Herrick Secrets

The last story of the
Herrick secret

I chose this title because it’s about  the last Herrick secret and it’s the last story of The Herrick book. This title is similar to the last Herrick secret  and that’s why I chose this title because  I like the title that made up about the last Herrick and I like the title that’s called the last Herrick secret and these 2 title have Herrick in it. my story probably looks like a kids story but it gets mysterious for adults and kids like year 4,5,6,7,8,9, will be allowed to read  this mysterious book. why is Isaiah the special one ?

The picture might look like pretty colours But at the end and in the middle the Herrick family  secrets and Becs the girl and Isaiah the boy are the main characters. but it sounds like they stay in the the bush but they also go to the city and Same with Isaiah because Isaiah wanted to go to the city with Becs, Becs mum, mark the step father of becs and nick is the sister and Isaiah, becs and nick they all go to school together and Isaiah made friends with people at school today. The colours don’t matter because In the real world it’s beautiful with colours and it has a sky, grass, buildings and water.