Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the kindness boomerang

At Willow Park Rd I played with my brother Tamati and we played with his toys and I gave back his toys when he lost elmo the red monster. At Cornwall park I pushed Tamati on the baby  swing and I got him out of the swing when he was crying. When I was at Havelock North, Middle Rd’ when I finished putting away my stuff, I helped Riki my brother get his lego, pillows, toys, teddies, clothes and blankets in our house in our room.                                          

When Riki, Tamati, Mum and I traveled to New Plymouth I needed help getting my pack of clothes  in the room that I was sleeping in but my mum came and give me a hand. Then my brother, uncles Ant and Gary helped me get my pillows and clothes in.  At my grandpa's and grandma’s house
my grandad and grandma helped me find the remote for me to watch cartoon network on sky.

A moment in time

I heard my cousin yelling.

I heard my brother calling,  “Kevin,  Kevin!”

I saw my brother jumping as high as he could.

I saw that it was to high to jump on the tramp .

I felt I will have to go to the go inside.

I felt like I was going to hurt myself when I bounced on the tramp .

I wondered I could keep on doing it.

I wondered if I should do it again or not.